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Distance Relaxation Therapies

Deep relaxation in the comfort of your own home, & for those times when we can’t be together.

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Indian Head Massage

Distance Relaxation Therapies are a perfect option for those times that for whatever reason, we may not be able to spend time together in the Therapy Room. This could be due to illness or injury or even transport issues. Distance Therapies have been a much welcomed therapy option during lockdown.


Distance Therapies start with a short health consultation (via phone or video chat), just as we would if you were to visit the Therapy Room. During this time we discuss any relevant health information you wish to share, & we explore what you‘d like to gain from your relaxation therapy. 


This could be:

●     Complete relaxation

●     Easing feelings of anxiety or low mood

●     Alleviating physical aches & pains

●     Inducing a sense of total calm & balance throughout body & mind


From here, we would end the call, you can then get yourself comfortable (sitting or laying, with warm clothes/blankets, & music if you chose in the background). All that is required of you from this point, is to be open to the relaxation energy being sent to you via Distance Relaxation Therapies from me, to you.


Your relaxation therapy will last approximately 30 mins, after which time, I will send you a text/message to say that the therapy is complete. You can choose to relax as long as you feel you want to from here (no need to reply to text until you feel ready to). Relax for an hour or more if you choose to!



Total therapy time is 40 mins (10mins call, 30 min therapy). Each session priced at £35

Mini trial session of 15min (plus 10 min consultation) £25.


Relax. Restore. the comfort of your own home.

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