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Yoga & Meditation days &
Women's Holisic Health Workshops

Join me & Luisa  for Women's Health & Wellbeing Yoga Days & Workshops. Exploring how very small changes in our mindset, movement, sleep, at home holistic therapies selfcare (i.e learn how hand reflexology can ease a variety of day-to-day stresses & ailments), aromatherapy, natural supplements, yoga practice, meditation & hydration levels (& much more) can contribute to feeling lighter & brighter & give you so much more energy whilst also enhancing your feelings of calm.


Whether you feel you've lost your mojo, feel the need to boost & improve your energy, or would just like guidance & support on feeling better/brighter/lighter/more energised in mind & body, or maybe just to feel more ‘you’. These women's health classes, retreat days & workshops are also for you if you're going through a life change (recovery, diagnosis, separation, postnatal, perimenopause, menopause etc), these workshops are designed just for you. 

All Yoga & Meditation Days & Workshops are designed for you to completely relax & reset. All info on these will be sent via email (subscribe on home page if you'd like to receive these updates & early booking options) & on social media (links also on homepage).

We look forward to relaxing with you soon.

Warmest wishes,

Victoria & Luisa

Louisa and Vicki

We very much look forward to sharing relaxation time with you soon

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