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Thank you for visiting Breathe for your Therapeutic Relaxation Therapies. Following your therapeutic relaxation time (& to gain maximum benefits from your therapy) I recommend that you have a very gentle day by:


  • Staying well hydrated, drinking plenty of water encourages the natural detoxification encoutaged by your therapy

  • Keeping the aromatherapy oils on your skin for a few hours, or even over night to contiune to recieve the maximum therapeutic benefits even after your therapy has ended

  • Resting as & when you can (an afternoon nap is encouraged)

  • Maintaining good posture after therapeutic massage & any realignments given

  • Completing any gentle stretches as recommended during your treatment

  • Eating light meals that fuel your body for the rest of the day

  • Avoiding or reducing caffeine & alcohol for 24hrs

  • Staying out of the sun as oils used may cause you to burn more easily (& risk dehydration)

  • Having an early night is also recommended

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about your treatment


Occasionally (predominantly after your first massage therapy/reflexology) you may experience a Healing Process Response. This can present as feeling quite tired with a slight headache. This is entirely normal and nothing to be concerned about, in fact it’s quite the opposite! It shows that your body is responding to the therapy well & rebalancing. This healing response signifies that you are having a very positive reaction to your relaxation therapy (this can occur up to 48hrs+ after your therapy). These feelings of tiredness & a mild headache will ease with good hydration & rest in just a few hours. If you feel that you are experiencing a healing response please let me know at your next appointment or contact me for further advice whenever you feel you need to. I’m only ever an email away!

If you are ready to book (or need to rearrange) your next relaxation time and would like to get this in your diary, please book online whenever you feel ready to. Evenings tend to be booked well in advance so I recommend to book online asap if evenings suit you best (reminder for evening appointments that it’s absolutely fine to arrive in pyjamas)!

Guest Reviews

Reviews & recommendations are greatly appreciated & really helps those looking to include Holistic Relaxation
Therapies into their lives. If you feel that you would like to leave a review this would be very much appreciated.


Link below for Google review

(only if it feels right though, no pressure)

If you would like to leave a review but would prefer to be anonymous, please email HERE instead.

Reviews contribute so much to the positivity of Breathe.

Thank you again, I genuinely love sharing relaxing time with you.

Thank you for choosing to spend your relaxation time at Breathe.

I look forward to welcoming you to your next therapeutic relaxation time soon.

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