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Reflexology, Therapeutic massage, Postnatal Massage & Reflexology, Pregnancy Relaxation Therapies, Baby Massage & reflexology, Reiki, meditation & Yoga

Breathe Therapies Reflexology in Mattishall

Reflexology is wonderfully relaxing for body & mind, yet can also be very effective at helping to alleviate and ease specific ailments & symptoms (often alongside medical care) of such conditions as: anxiety, depression, nerve pain, sciatica, minor injuries, headaches and migraines, tension in neck, back and shoulders, IBS and symptoms of PMT and the menopause to name but a few.  Reflexology can also help to:


  • Improve circulation

  • Ease the body of aches and pains

  • Cleanse the  body of toxins (through lymphatic drainage)

  • Balance the hormonal system

  • Relieve emotional stress

  • Promote good quality sleep

Types of Reflexology available:


  • Traditional Relaxation Reflexology

  • Clinical Reflexology

  • Osteopathic Reflexology

  • Kansa Vati Reflexology & Foot Massage

  • Hand (as well as foot) Reflexology

  • Chakra & Emotional Energy Balancing Reflexology

  • Aromatherapy Reflexology

  • Advanced Vertical Reflexology

  • Structural Dynamic Foot Massage

  • Facial Reflexology/Acupressure point therapy


Each reflexology therapy will be an individualised combination of the  above depending on health consultation, therapy aims & your requests!

Option to combine your reflexology with gentle meditation to deepen the effects & benefits of relaxation is always available. Combine with back or full body massage for the ultimate in balancing & powerful relaxation for the whole body.

Choose from: 60min or 90min Relaxation Therapy Time


Relax, Restore, Revitalise.

Back massage

Therapeutic Massage to reduce stress and anxiety, relax muscles, soothe injuries, reduce pain & improve sleep.


Therapeutic Massage can be a combination of the following massage modalities:


  • Traditional Full Body Swedish Massage

  • Aromatherapy Massage

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

  • Acupressure Point Massage Therapy

  • Structural Dynamic Massage

  • Chakra Balance Energy Massage

  • Can also incorporate Indian Head Massage, Rejuvenating Facial Massage or Reflexology


Therapeutic Massage is known to support the body to feel free of anxiety & discomfort, & has been shown to:


  • Reduce pain or discomfort in the body

  • Alleviate a stiff neck or tension in the shoulders

  • Ease anxiety or low mood/depression

  • Improve back pain

  • Soothe sports injuries

  • Improve & ease insomnia


Option to combine your therapeutic massage with gentle meditation to deepen the effects & benefits of relaxation is always available.


Aromatherapy oils are used to enhance the benefits of all therapies. Oils can be specifically selected to your needs. These can help to calm anxiety, reduce pain, warm the muscles, boost immunity, refresh and calm the mind and improve sleep. (Visit My Neal's Yard Organic Website Here)


Choose from:60min or 90min Relaxation Therapy Time 

Relax, Restore, Revitalise.


Hot stone massage originated from the ancient healing tradition of Ayurveda as far back as 5000 years ago in India (Ayurveda: a holistic approach to health).


Thermo Therapy (Hot Stones)

Hot stone massage combines thermotherapy (heat therapy) with the application of therapeutic massage &/or reflexology, by using hot basalt mineral stones to ease tired, stressed, tense muscles. The heat allows the therapist to work deeper into the muscular body more quickly. The heat of the stones also allows the skin to absorb more moisture and increases absorption of any therapeutic oils that may be used.


Benefits of Hot Stone Massage and Thermotherapy include:

  • Reduces chronic stress and tension in the body

  • Increases flexibility in joints, aiding in easier mobility and movement

  • Relieves stress and encourages relaxation

  • Increases circulation/increases blood flow to surrounding tissues

  • Relaxes tired, tense muscles

  • Allows for deeper muscular work/release


Benefits of including Cold Stone Therapy (Cryotherapy) into your therapy time:

When cold stones are placed on your skin, it triggers vasoconstriction (the narrowing of blood vessels). After the cold stones are removed, the blood vessels dilate again, supplying the affected areas with fresh blood and oxygen. This process increases circulation.


Benefits of using Cold Stones

  • Alleviation of swelling/oedema

  • Aids in recovery of injuries

  • Decreases muscle spasms

  • Relief of sore & damaged muscles

  • Stimulation of the autonomic nervous system

  • Increases tissue metabolism

  • Revitalises and rejuvenates the whole body

  • Soothes irritation

  • Cools down the body on a warm day or during hot flushes.

  • Ease Menstrual Symptoms: Cold stones placed in the abdominal area will help draw swelling away from the uterus and thus may help lessen menstrual discomfort

  • Boosts Circulation

  • Refreshes and stimulates the mind

  • Produces an analgesic effect

  • Eases sinus congestion

Benefits of a Hot and Cold stone Massage (Geo-thermotherapy)

Alternating hot and cold stones (a technique known as thermal contrasting) can also help stimulate organ reflexes and blood vessels, increase blood flow to areas with inadequate circulation, help remove impurities and give skin a firmer texture (lymphatic drainage).


Receiving a hot and cold stone massage equally can bring the benefits and pleasures of combining both. In addition, massaging and alternating the hot and cool stones helps every cell in the body to receive more oxygen and nutrients and stimulates lymph drainage thereby encouraging a more effective removal of toxins. It allows the body to achieve the same level of relaxation and rejuvenation as going to a sauna and jumping in the plunge pool but with the benefit of a therapeutic massage included.


Hot Stone Reflexology

The benefits of Hot Stone Therapy can also be beautifully experienced with Hot Stone Reflexology. Soothing the whole body via the feet & lower legs to bring a sense of calm & relaxation to body & mind. Feel any tension melt away as therapeutic warmth via the hot stones radiates throughout the lower body easing aching feet & legs whilst also bringing the comfort of warmth to the entire body. A variety of stones are used to work through the reflexes of feet, to work all systems of the body whilst also relaxing the emotional body. The power of heat to restore vitality & energy to the body & mind is quite remarkable. If you experience cold feet (like I do) this is an absolutely wonderful therapy for you!

Choose from: 60min or 90min Relaxation Therapy Time 


Relax, Restore, Revitalise.

Hot stone massage
Hot stone
Pregnancy Therapies in Norfolk

Pregnancy Relaxation Therapies:
By Midwife Therapist

For all information about pregnancy reflexology and massage therapies, as well as postnatal/baby massage therapies click below:


Indian Head Massage Feel any tension & stress simply melt away with this extremely relaxing Head, Neck & Scalp Massage.


Indian head, neck & scalp massage encourages the whole body to relax, while releasing any stress & tension held in the head, neck, scalp & face. This therapy has a beautifully effective detoxifying effect for the sinus’s & lymph nodes of the head and neck, improves lymphatic flow and circulation for overall health and aids recovery from coughs, colds, and any infections of the upper respiratory tract. 


Indian Head Massage is incredibly relaxing and often induces deep sleep/stillness of the body and mind. This wonderfully relaxing therapy is also perfect for those of us with busy over thinking minds. Time to rest, slow down the thoughts and just...breathe.

Indian Head Massage can be combined with Reflexology, Therapeutic Back Massage or the Rejuvenating Acupressure Facial.

Choose from: 60min or 90min Relaxation Therapy Time 


Relax, Restore, Revitalise.

Head Massage
Indian Head

Rejuvenating Facial Massage

Facial rejuvenation acupressure massage is also known as non-surgical face lift or Natural lift facial massage. This facial massage uses a blend of techniques taken from Facial Reflexology, Ayurveda Massage, Acupressure and Lymphatic Drainage Massage. 


Techniques used are more varied than a traditional facial, with deeper pressure applied refocusing muscle & fascia layer memory, to give the face an up-lifted effect.  These techniques also stimulate oxygenation of the skin to brighten and tone, improve the circulation to enhance the texture of the skin, help prevent and reduce wrinkles, and to reduce stress and tension that can show in the face.  This beautifully Holistic Therapy also includes a full Indian Head & Scalp Massage.

Choose from: 60min or 90min Relaxation Therapy Time


Relax, Restore, Revitalise.

Relaxing Massage Therapy
Breathe Therapies Reiki  in Mattishall

Reiki (by Reiki Master, Trainer & Energy Therapist since 2006) will leave you feeling like you have a wonderful glowing radiant energy that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects from relaxation and feelings of peace, security and an overall sense of improved wellbeing. Many have reported miraculous results.

Reiki can be a completely non-touch therapy if requested or a combination of non-touch and gentle hand placements. You will remain fully clothed throughout your reiki therapy. Alternatively you can choose reiki massage or reiki reflexology. Reiki works to balance your energy channels through energy points on your body and by balancing the emotion centres/chakras, to give you an overall feeling of complete relaxation. Leave each session feeling more balanced, calm, cleansed and grounded.

Many choose to combine Reiki with their Reflexology, Indian Head Massage or Therapeutic Back Massage.

Choose from: 60min or 90min Relaxation Therapy Time 


Relax, Restore, Revitalise.

Breathe Therapies Meditation in Mattishall

MeditationGentle therapeutic meditation can be combined with any of your relaxation therapies to enhance & deepen your relaxation during your time at Breathe.


Meditation as a single therapy is also available. Take some time to relax while you experience the benefits of complete relaxation whilst being led on a gentle & therapeutic meditation journey, leaving you feeling completely restored & revitalised.


Choose from: 60min or 90min Relaxation Therapy Time 

Relax, Restore, Revitalise.


Yoga - Yoga Morning & Day Retreats. Please get in contact (via button below) for more details of programmes, dates & prices for retreats. 

Neal's Yrd
NYR oils

Aromatherapy Oils are used to enhance the benefits of all therapies. Oils can be specifically selected to your needs. These can help to calm anxiety, reduce pain, warm the muscles, boost immunity, refresh and calm the mind and improve sleep



Oils are also available to take home to use between therapies to help maintain the benefits for days or weeks at a time.

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