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Wellbeing Consultation

Combine any of the following to create your bespoke Physical & Emotional Wellbeing Toolkit & Personalised Session. It’s ALL about YOU, what you need, & how you'd like to FEEL


Whether you feel you've lost your mojo, feel the need to boost & improve your energy, or would just like guidance & support on feeling better/brighter/lighter/more energised in mind & body, or maybe just to feel more ‘you’, or, if your going through a life change (recovery, diagnosis, separation, postnatal, menopause etc).

Medical form with stethoscope

Choose one or more from the following:


1) Be supported to create your Personalised Wellbeing Toolkit/Plan looking at the 6 Pillars of Health:


  • Eat: nutrition & hydration, checking in with where you are currently & how making small incremental changes can create a huge shift in how you feel, your energy levels & your mindset

  • Sleep: reminder of the benefits & importance of good quality sleep for overall health, advice on improving sleep patterns, environment & routine where requested

  • Move: personalised daily/weekly movement &/or exercise suitable for every stage of life &/or recovery. Meeting you wherever you are with support, encouragement & guidance based on the latest research.

  • Relax: exploring the benefits of regular relaxation just for you, & what works best for you to align with your goals/expectations

  • Connection: with people (chosen by you), nature & most importantly with yourself!

  • Play: create time in your life for fun & play & the importance of this for fully rounded health. When was the last time you had fun? Time to explore this final pillar of health & gently find your answers. This in itself is FUN!


By the end of the session you will have created your unique Mind & Body Wellbeing Plan to follow as you choose. Follow-up support, encouragement & accountability (if required) also available with follow-up check-ins (see below).

2) Body Composition measurements, statistics & analysis including: % hydration levels, muscle mass, bone density, metabolic age, visceral fat, body fat composition, physic type (this option is available for in person appointments only). Having this information (that in no way defines you, but can guide your health choices), can be motivational & is great for those that love their very own health numbers!


3) Blood Pressure check, feedback & guidance (in person appointments only)


4) EFT to release blocks to better health mindset


5) Meditation & the benefits for you. Experience the science & research proven benefits of personalised meditations depending on your goals/current challenges


6) 1-2-1 Yoga session for mind-body-energy-health depending on your goals


7) Advice on supplements if requested/required


Not sure what you need or where to start from the above options? Email me to discuss (or to arrange a call). email me HERE


60 min session £48

30 min Follow-up/check-in: £35 (only available after one the above initial sessions)

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