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Online Wellbeing Workshops
& Yoga & Meditation days

Join me Online for Monthly Women's Health & Wellbeing Workshops. Exploring how very small changes in our nutrition/fuel, mindset, movement, sleep, at home holistic therapies selfcare (i.e learn how hand reflexology can ease a variety of day-to-day stresses & ailments), supplements, yoga practice, meditation & hydration levels (& much more) can contribute to feeling lighter & brighter & give you so much more energy whilst also enhancing your feelings of calm.


Whether you feel you've lost your mojo, feel the need to boost & improve your energy, or would just like guidance & support on feeling better/brighter/lighter/more energised in mind & body, or maybe just to feel more ‘you’. These sessions are also for you if you're going through a life change (recovery, diagnosis, separation, postnatal, perimenopause, menopause etc), these monthly online workshops are designed just for you. By the end of each session you will have created your unique Mind & Body Wellbeing Plan to follow as you choose. Follow-up support, encouragement & supportive accountability at every session!

In person Yoga & Meditation Days (& mornings) for you to completely relax & reset. All info on these will be sent via email (subscribe on home page if you'd like to receive these updates & early booking options) & on social media (links also on homepage).

I look forward to relaxing with you soon.

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