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Baby reflexology

My Midwifery Journey

I joined the midwifery profession in 1999 with a desire to offer women and their families the best possible care, support and advice. It is, after all, what they rightly expect from their health care professional at what is a momentous and life changing time. Having worked across two NHS trusts (as well as having two children myself), I have a deep knowledge and understanding of pregnancy, birth and the emotional, physical and psychological demands that pregnancy puts on women and their families.

As I practiced midwifery, I became increasingly interested in offering holistic therapies having seen the incredible benefits they could bring to women and their pregnancies, labours and their babies. Unfortunately at this time Holistic Therapies are not routinely offered to pregnant women through local hospitals. This is why I decided to create Breathe. I find my work incredibly rewarding, being able to give one-to-one care, support and advice to women (& their families) throughout their pregnancies. As well as benefiting from the relaxation therapies themselves, I work with my pregnancy guests to empower & support them to experience the pregnancy and birth they desire. Rest assured I practice what I preach. I had reflexology throughout both my pregnancies and postnatally; I also gave both my children baby massage and baby reflexology, and still do (they are now both taller than me)! My children now also give each other (and me) reflexology treatments. We have never looked back.


If you have any questions or would like further information on how holistic therapies could support you through your pregnancy, please feel free to get in touch via the contact form. I look forward to welcoming you to your relaxation therapies soon.

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